Our Story


Watching my 2 boys riding on their bike to play soccer and basketball always pushed me to find a better solution to carry the ball while riding, than the one that was not existing at all!

Seeing my boys tucking a basketball under their shirt, carrying it in a plastic bag on the handle bar and even holding it in one hand while steering the bike with the other made me so scared that I decided to invent and develop much safer solution!

By 2015, I started to work on some sketches and ideas that I thought would be a necessary item to add to any bicycle. I created many designs and concepts however, after testing them physically and also from the marketing point of view and the feedbacks we received from some US retailers, we realized that we are missing something…
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(Illustrations by studio Art Smart)
Eventually I came up with the design of the Bag Ball that immediately received so many great feedbacks from potential users as well as from kids. Among the so many great feedbacks we got for the design and the functionality of the Bag Ball, my 2 boys kept searching for the very few samples I made in China for my R&D process in order to wear it while riding, well kids don’t lie!

That was the moment when I knew that we found the best solution and decided to launch it for mass production so everyone who wants to ride, skate, scoot, walk or run with a ball, use smartphone, keys, change and water will be able to do it easily and safely as well as enjoying it!

We launched Dare Point™ and the Bag Ball is our first product that we will sell with great future accessories and new Dare Point™ versions and colors to come. I do hope you like the 2 years’ work I went through and we will be grateful to receiving your feedbacks.
We would love to see your photos with the Bag Ball uploaded to our Instagram and Facebook pages and we kindly ask you while riding – focus on the road!

Ride Safe!
Tsachi Davidov